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Carbon calculator

Welcome to the Tāne’s Tree Trust National Carbon Calculator for planted New Zealand native forests. This tool allows you to work out how much carbon your planted native forest is storing over a defined period of time. It also allows you to determine how many native shrubs and trees you will need to plant to off-set your carbon footprint.

Learn more about the carbon calculator or to start using the calculator select a type of calculation using the buttons below:


Warning, your stand age is very young. Trees do not sequester much carbon in the first few years after planting. Suggest you increase age to at least 20 years.

Planting mix

Trees are species which grow into tall trees such as totara, kauri and rimu. Shrubs are species which grow only to 6-10 m in height such as manuka. It is common practice when establishing native plantations to grow a mixture of trees and shrubs. The fast-growing shrubs provide shelter and protection for the tree species.

Stand measurement



A calibration measurement involves collecting data from a specific stand to allow a more accurate prediction of carbon sequestered by that stand at the time of measurement.

Survival = the percentage of planted trees of shrubs still living

Height = mean height of stems

DBH = Diameter at Breast Height (diameter taken at 1.4m above ground)

RCD = Root Collar Diameter (diameter taken at 10 cm above ground)


The models used in this Carbon Calculator are based on a number of growth models and allometric equations developed for New Zealand native trees and shrubs. The actual amount of carbon sequestered by a particular stand can vary from the calculator predictions and are dependent on site quality, stand characteristics and management. Tāne’s Tree Trust can take no responsibility for the estimates provided by the Calculator.