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Become a member

Ways to become involved with Tānes Tree Trust

There are many ways you can become involved or support the work of Tāne’s Tree Trust (TTT). For example:

  • Join us and become a member.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter which is produced every 4-6 months, subscribe now.
  • Helping us to improve and add to our databases, such as providing information on the location and nature of significant plantings of native trees that we can add to our TTT Indigenous Plantation Forestry Database or sending in any relevant references to add to the TTT Indigenous Forestry Reference Database.
  • Alerting us to any news and events that will be of interest to our membership and users of our website.
  • Giving us feedback on our website, our publications, and the work of our Trust. We value your contributions and comments.

Membership and donations

We rely on membership subscriptions, project grants and donations to support the work of the trust. Please consider the various options for helping us promote the establishment and management of indigenous forestry for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

The cost to become a member is $45.00 per year. Your membership fee goes towards supporting projects as well as helping fund our operational costs. In return you receive updates on our work and industry news via a four-monthly newsletter, the collective benefit of joining a growing network of over 300 members.

You may also opt to make an additional donation on top of the membership fee. Any donations are placed in a designated research fund. As Tane’s Tree Trust is a registered charity, all donations are fully tax deductible.

Become a member of Tāne’s Tree Trust


Please consider leaving a legacy to assist the work of Tāne’s Tree Trust. Contact the TTT Chief Executive Officer for further information.

Give-a-Little donations

An easy way to donate to the Trust is via Give-a-Little. Donations are tax deductible and receipts can be provided on request.

TTT resources

TTT have a range of publications, reports and other information available. Please refer to the Resources page for information on these.