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Welcome to Tāne’s Tree Trust

Tāne’s Tree Trust is a non-profit Charitable Trust focused on encouraging the use of New Zealand indigenous tree species for biodiversity, landscape enhancement, cultural benefits, and providing the option for sustainable production of high-quality timber and other resources.

The Trust had its origins in 1999 and was formally set up in 2002. It is managed by a group of trustees that represent a wide range of sectors, interests and expertise.

We have a broad membership base and work with a range of interest groups from managing agencies and environmental trusts to iwi and landowners keen to see the planting and management of indigenous trees nationwide and to share knowledge in successful establishment of indigenous forests for multiple purposes and use.

Find out more about the role and work of the Tāne’s Tree Trust by exploring this website for the projects and activities of the Trust, the latest news and events, the resources and publications available on establishment and management of indigenous forestry, and how you can become involved.

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We rely on membership subscriptions, project grants and donations to support the work of the trust. By becoming a member, you are helping us promote the establishment and management of indigenous forestry for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

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Northland Tōtara Working Group

The Northland Tōtara Working Group (NTWG) is coordinated by Tāne’s Tree Trust to promote the sustainable management of farm-grown tōtara (Podocarpus totara) for multiple purposes, including timber production. It has initiated many collaborative research projects exploring a range of topics from growth-rates and silviculture, through to timber use and market potential. The group also advocates on relevant legislative matters, with the ultimate goal of facilitating the development of a regional tōtara industry.

For more information from the Northland Tōtara Working Group, click here.

Register your planted indigenous forests

Planted indigenous forests can be registered with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to ensure future landowners and generations can prove these stands were planted. Check out the MPI website and download the Application of a Planted Indigenous Forest Certificate.