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O Tātou Ngāhere ‒ Our Forest

Project Status: Current

O Tātou Ngāhere – Our Forest, is a comprehensive programme of research that details how native forests can be integrated into our whenua for the benefit of all.

The project is a collaboration between Pure Advantage and the foresters and scientists of Tāne’s Tree Trust, who champion the valuable role our native species can play in the future of forestry in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our aim is to firmly embed the myriad benefits of native forests into New Zealanders’ thoughts and actions and in the process improve our natural ecosystems and landscapes, contribute to rural economies, and help Aotearoa New Zealand play its part in mitigating climate change.

Together we have convened this suite of essays from some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s foremost thinkers and practitioners in areas related to native forests as the first stage of this campaign. The cumulative knowledge and expertise that underpins these 37 contributions is formidable. We thank all our authors for their input.

The campaign launch has been marked with the premiere of an inspirational documentary set on Cassie’s Farm in the Waikato featuring many of the trustees of Tāne’s Tree Trust.

View the documentary here now.


Hosted by journalist and broadcaster Vincent Heeringa, the webisodes are freely delivered over Zoom and on Facebook. They will be held weekly on Tuesdays at 6:30pm, you can Register Here for Webisodes and the records can be found on the links below.

  • Webisode #1 - Apr 13: The Pure Advantages of Native Forests: why our forests matter so much for us and for the world
  • Webisode #2 - Apr 20: The Native Forest Opportunity: finding land for new native forests
  • Webisode #3 - Apr 27: How to Grow a Forest: creating new native forests through transitioning, planting and regenerating, and sustainable forest management
  • Webisode #4 - May 4: The Many Benefits of Native Forests: recognising and valuing the non-timber values of native forests
  • Webisode #5 - May 11: The Carbon Sink: the role of native forests in meeting our net-zero emissions target
  • Webisode #6 - May 18: Making it Happen: the policies and incentives needed to stimulate and maintain an increase in the area of native forests in perpetuity
  • Webisode #7 - May 25: Envisioning the Future: the place of New Zealand’s native forests in 2050 and 2500

Contacts for this project

  • Peter Berg, Chair, Tāne’s Tree Trust
  • TTT Executive Officer: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.