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Welcome to Tãnes Tree Trust

Tāne's Tree Trust's vision is to see the majority of New Zealand landowners successfully planting and sustainably managing indigenous trees for multiple uses.

The motivation of the trust extends far beyond indigenous timber production. A healthy and profitable indigenous forestry industry is key to large-scale planting for biodiversity, restoration and legacy purposes.

New Zealanders have long-yearned to see indigenous reforestation on a large scale — Tāne's Tree Trust is here to provide the practical help, including:

• Supporting research aimed at producing cheaper, better-quality native plants, in large numbers
• Producing a best-practice guide for establishing and managing natives – Tāne's Tree Trust Technical Handbook Planting and Managing Native Trees
• Removing legal and taxation impediments to reafforestation using natives
• Running workshops nationwide for landowners, iwi, interest groups and agencies on establishment and management of indigenous forest
• Providing easy-to-read latest information on current issues such as navigating carbon credits
• Setting up on-line and interactive databases of information and sources on native plantations.

Aotearoa is a world leader in exotic forestry practices. Tāne's Tree Trust is working to ensure that Aotearoa also becomes a world leader in our own indigenous forestry!

Tāne's Tree Trust – Championing native trees!

We are a non-profit Charitable Trust that has been running for over a decade.

Ian Barton chairs Tāne's Tree Trust, a group that shares the vision of the widespread use of indigenous trees. We have 12 high-profile trustees representing a wide range of sectors, interests and expertise passionate about the use of New Zealand native tree species for biodiversity, landscape enhancement, and for the production of high-quality timber products.

Tāne's Tree Trust Trustees draw on their combined expertise and networks from forestry, farming, scientific, nursery, legal and environmental backgrounds to promote the benefits of planting and managing native trees.

Our funding comes from membership and from various sources for specific research projects and for technology transfer. Direct and in-kind funding has been provided for specific projects by the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry's Sustainable Farming Fund, the ASB Community Trust, Scion, Future Forests Research, and Forest Industry Training and Education Council.

Working in partnership!

The Trust has been particularly successful in collaborating with research providers, councils, landowners, forest managers, environmental trusts and consultants, native plant nurseries, iwi and Maori incorporations, and local communities in promoting the benefits of establishing and managing indigenous forests in our urban and rural landscapes. This it has done by supporting research, running workshops nationwide and producing publications.

We collaborate and complement other organisations promoting and supporting the planting and management of our native trees for both conservation and sustainable management. These include the Indigenous Forestry Section of the NZ Farm Forestry Association, NZ Institute of Forestry, Nga Whenua Rahui, The Kauri 2000 Trust, Project Crimson, NZ Landcare Trust, Northland Totara Working Group, Scion Research, Future Forests Research, NZ Forest Owners Association, NZ Foundation for Research, Science and Technology, Forest Industry Training and Education Council, and Lake Taupo Restoration Trust.